Londis is a chain of convenience stores that sell a wide range of groceries and morning goods including milk, bread, frozen foods, eggs and toiletries. In addition to this, they also sell disposable cameras, greeting cards, mobile top up cards, newspapers, magazines and tobacco products.
Newspapers, Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Cigarettes, Mobile Top-Up Cards, Off Licence, Spirits, Groceries, Household Goods, National Lottery, Scratch Cards, Travelcards, Open 24 Hours, Postage Stamps, Oyster Card, Travelcards, Postage Stamps, Oyster Card, Open 24 Hours
Nearest public transport
Burley Park - National Railway
Opening hours
Monday 07:30 21:00
Tuesday 07:30 21:00
Wednesday 07:30 21:00
Thursday 07:30 21:00
Friday 07:30 21:00
Saturday 08:30 21:00
Sunday 09:30 21:00