This business is permanently closed.

Description from Citikey

Malmaison Brasserie serves a variety of French dishes from their A La Carte menu. An express menu as well as catering for private parties of up to 30 guests is available upon request.


Vegetarian Dishes

Nearest public transport

Market Street

Opening hours

Monday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Tuesday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Wednesday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Thursday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Friday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Saturday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
Sunday12:00-14:30 18:00-22:30
28-50 Piccadilly, City Centre, Manchester